Al Bayader, people’s number 1 go-to place for disposable food packaging and cleaning solutions has risen again with a new campaign since it’s last June 9, 2021 campaign. .

As usual, Al Bayader in the global retail and restaurant industries, are dedicated to developing practical, safe, and creative food packaging solutions that meet high-quality standards that always stay up to customers expectations!

And it doesn't stop there, Al Bayader can meet the needs of most market segments, from simple film wrap to the more complex eco-friendly products. Their solutions are creative, affordable, practical and functional for business and consumers. Plus their in-store experience is all about leveraging the customer experience to promote brand and product awareness. 

 As for the visuals, it's showing Al Bayader website all across the billboard as a form of call-to-action as a reminder to always stand on people’s mind and as a way to stay connected with customers, along with a “shop now” statement as an incentive.

The campaign was shown as bridge billboards in the fourth week of January.

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