After their last OOH ad with their iconic “Endahesh” campaign, Freska hits Cairo’s roads with eye-catching billboards featuring megastar Ruby for their Choco Sticks product. The most luxurious and indulgent wafer product ever introduced on the market. Freska comes in 16 various flavors, each with its own coatings and fillings to appeal to a wide range of palates. 

The visuals flaunt the yellow, fun packaging of their Choco Sticks in a brightly-lit kitchen. The same setting is used as a backdrop for Ruby’s appearance, where she’s dressed as a doctor with a Choco Stick bar in hand. The ad copy excites people by “Freska! Choco Stick, get wowed”. They also announce that it’s “new”. The presence of the beloved Ruby attracts audiences to the billboard and the kitchen inspires a sense of hunger and stirs up appetites. 

Curious to know more details about this campaign from Freska along with the OOH types, kinds, media plans, budgets, and locations? Check out Monitoring Out-of-Home (MOOH), Cairo’s, and Dubai's dedicated OOH media intelligence agency, and analysis system.

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