Sharjah Light Festival brightens up Dubai’s OOH scene with their 11th Year return announcement. The yearly Sharjah Light Festival illuminates all the city’s landmarks, with light and sound installations projecting incredible images and animations on the facades of buildings, attracting internationally renowned artists to celebrate science, creativity and heritage in a display of lights, colors and music.

The ad space for Sharjah’s Light Festival Date announcement showcases a model of the Light Festival’s infrastructures that are to be illuminated with fascinating light and sound projections. The ad also shines due to geometric configurations of symbols drawn using a broad spectrum of eye-catching and alluring colors, all exhibited on a navy blue background to reflect sophistication and accountability together with exuberance. Other than mentioning the dates of which the Lights Festival is held (09-20 February 2022), The Sharjah Light Festival subtly mentions the event website and social media username as a means for the audience to seek more information. 

Sharjah Light Festival’s new ad space is fairly new, having only been dispersed on Dubai’s billboards in the fourth week of January in the form of Uni-Poles and Hoarding Billboards. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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