Just Padel rises on Dubai’s OOH scene for the first time, featuring their latest campaign BOOK. PLAY. ENJOY. They hope to build a sustainable community for this exciting sport, where players of all ages are welcome to enjoy and be a part of their journey. Just Padel aims to become the largest Padel tennis court operator in the world, bringing the joy and success of padel to the masses. Therefore, they have developed an efficient and seamless system for their consumers to book their padel sessions through their new orderly application. 

The BOOK. PLAY. ENJOY campaign ad space hosts a padel player holding her racket, giving the audience a glimpse of the game, along with the Just Padel logo and the name of the campaign written in blue upon an orange background. The color palette used in the ads portray youth, playfulness and energy which are crucial elements in any sports advertising. Last but not least, the App Store and Google Play icons are present, notifying consumers on where they can download the application for a seamless booking experience.

Just Padel’s latest campaign is fairly new, having only been dispersed on Dubai Roads in the fourth week of January in the form of Lampposts and Digital Screen. 

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