Burberry Hero's Adam Driver Challenges Masculine Stereotypes in Heavenly Scenery on Dubai's OOH Arena

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Burberry Hero's Adam Driver Challenges Masculine Stereotypes in Heavenly Scenery on Dubai's OOH Arena

Following a powerful video on digital platforms and television, Burberry unleashes a new OOH campaign in Dubai, unveiling Hero, Riccardo Tisci's debut male fragrance for the brand, starring Adam Driver. A new male spirit that delves into the codes of dualism and the animal kingdom's strength. For Burberry Hero, Adam Driver is in a pursuit for freedom and metamorphosis, as in examination of oneself as well as awe for the natural world's grandeur. .

Burberry Hero is an exciting blend of valor and finesse, power and compassion, athleticism and inventiveness that is enigmatic and daring.  Their mission is to challenge traditional masculine stereotypes by inspiring individuals to transform and embrace who they actually are. The campaign features a positive and heroic lead character who mirrors the motions of man and horse, pushing their physical limitations to evolve into a legendary monster — a metaphor for human growth. A new guy has emerged. A hero, to be sure. 

The perfume is enhanced with dazzling bergamot and revitalized with juniper and black pepper, making it fresh, brilliant, and strong. Juniper, a traditional British perfumery ingredient, adds a vivid freshness to the aroma, which is further enhanced by a trio of warm cedarwood oils sourced from three different mountain ranges: the Appalachians, Atlas Mountains, and Himalayas.

The perfume bottle is spotlighted on the visuals, on top of a beachy rock, with The Thomas Burberry Monogram featured on it, which is a contemporary reinvention of the Burberry scent by Riccardo Tisci. Its angular form is an abstract reimagining of a horse's foot, with the Burberry emblem etched on it. Acclaimed actor Adam Driver drips with water droplets as he’s fully submerged in a deep blue sea with an intense star on the billboards. 

This campaign struck the roads of Dubai in the fourth week of January with limited locations in the form of Digital Screens.

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