As a part of Health & Medical Services Group which has a long history of excellent care and innovation, the newly opened Mirdif Hospital is expected to be ranked as the top hospitals in the UAE in the near future. The private health care provider offers a gateway to thorough information and insight into each Medical facility and concentrating it or applying it to provide the best well-respected medical care services to the patients in Dubai with the help of top ranked Specialist Doctors. 

Mirdif Hospital’s creative Opening campaign was to declare that after a long wait, they are finally open and accepting patients daily. The ad space includes a visual replica of the esteemed hospital highlighting their cutting edge and efficient infrastructure protruding from the ad, accompanied by a family heading to the hospital, reflecting how it should be every family’s first choice. Other than that, the ad copy also displays the HMS group logo protruding from the billboards, spotlighting that they are the medical health provider of which Mirdif Hospital is a part of. All ad spaces utilize different shades of blue for their color palette which is a staple of any healthcare advertising due to it symbolizing stability and health. Lastly, the ad copy mentions the location of the hospital, accompanied by the customer service hotline as a call to action. 

The creative campaign is fairly new having only been dispersed on Dubai roads in the fourth week of January in the form of Hoarding, Lampposts and Bridge Billboards.     

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