Bally Switzerland, the luxury fashion brand, launched an OOH campaign across Dubai roads. Not only are they outstanding, but are also one of the world’s longstanding luxury brands since 1851, and now you can shop their unique pieces in Dubai. 

The pioneering global brand made its debut on Dubai’s billboards with a trendsetting and cutting-edge ad. The campaign offers passersby a glimpse of the fabulous fashion and sleek style of Bally Switzerland. Craftsmanship, innovation, and creativity are three pillars of the brand, which are reflected in the aesthetically appealing ad. The brand shows off its sophisticated pieces on intricately chosen models who flatter the attires. Different clothing items are seen in the ad, including sunglasses, purses, leather jackets, and other items. The ad also displays the brand’s store locations across Dubai, including “The Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Mirdif City Center”. 

The ad is simple, chic, and definitely appealing and a head-turner to all fashion enthusiasts. 

The campaign was launched during the second week of January across Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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