January  has not given advertisers much of a break after the intensity of the  festive campaigns of December. The new year has started with an occupancy of73%, keeping the Egyptian OOH landscape pretty much busy. Though the drop of 7%  in occupancy has surely hurt some of our hardworking suppliers,  Egyptian drivers and passersby have probably barely noticed the few  extra empty faces around Greater Cairo.

The Real Estate industry has ranked again #1 with almost the same share as the previous month. Luxury developments like Al Burouj  have certainly made an impact with their massive campaigns – blue and  gold elegant artwork, with constellation motifs that were appreciated by  onlookers and received positive reviews from peer advertisers.

Industries that ranked high in December, such as Ceramics & Sanitary Ware, Social Campaigns or Mobile Devices have seen a decrease of an average -30% in volume, while other industries have impressively gone up the ladder.

Such is the case of the Food & Beverage sector, which has moved from a mere 7,4% last December to more than 17%  in January 2017! Soft drinks, sweets and chocolates, and fast food  restaurants have made our mouths water and our stomachs growl with  hunger!

We have also had a surprising come-back this month: Hello Moto!  New branding campaign from American giant -who is now owned by Chinese  giant Lenovo- has painted the main roads of Greater Cairo with vibrant  colors and a nice youthful touch.

And stay tuned for Leo Messi’s upcoming visit to Egypt! The massive Tour n’ Cure OOH campaign,  sponsored by national and international organizations, has just hit our  roads and will probably continue next month. The Egyptian initiative  that fights for a world free of Hepaitis C has signed up Barça’s top  scorer as their Ambassador and he will be here next month to help the  campaign score a success.

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