Pizza Hut rises once again on Dubai’s Billboards with more unmissable deals. Following their prior appearance on Dubai roads, Pizza Hut once again dazzles us with their super affordable offers. Their New Super Triple Treat Box is an all inclusive 3 course meal in one, offering 2 pizzas of your choice, a dessert chocolate pizza, in addition to 2 sides. 

The new campaign ad space displays a mouthwatering visual of the New Super Triple Treat Box highlighting how it includes 3 layers, containing 2 pizzas, 2 appetizers and a chocolate pizza. The ad also mentions how the offer can include either the new flamin chicken or veggie pizza with tabasco sauce, accompanied by a visual of the tabasco sauce bottle. Lastly, the ad copy mentions the price of the offer, that being AED 85. The ad color palette utilizes Pizza Hut’s most used colors, Red, white and Black which are all colors applied to increase one’s appetite and encourage them to try out the product. 

The new campaign is fairly new, having only been released in the second week of January on Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah roads in the form of Hoarding Billboards, Lampposts and Uni-poles.

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