AJNA Developments finds its way back once again on Cairo’s OOH scene sponsoring its distinguished Carnelia resort located in Ain Sokhna since it’s last December 2021 campaign.

AJNA is here to level up your resort experience promoting the ultimate sandy beach experience anyone could possibly have! The OOH campaign is inviting people to warm in the sun all year so they don't lose out on its enticing sensation on your skin. To dip their toes into the brilliant blue, purifying water to experience the peaceful crystal lagoons all shown through several billboards with several titles “Looking for the best sandy beach in Sokhna?” and more like “We’ve got that, and then some!” and alot more catchy title to attract customers and a use of very simple visuals featuring people wearing a beach hat and a girl standing at the beach. Also, a call to action including a phone number plus a website so that they don’t miss out!

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The Art & Science of OOH

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