Chipsy is back on Cairo’s OOH scene with a fiery new display featuring superstar Amir Karara, their brand Ambassador, who has also been featured on their prior campaign promoting the “With Chipsy, Happiness” campaign. 

Chipsy’s current campaign was first released sans their Ambassador, only unveiling the two new flamin hot products. The ad space showcased the flamin hot and the flamin hot lemon chips encircled by flames which illustrate how spicy the new flavors are. The ad copy encouraged the audience to try the new “حار نااااااار'' which translates to flamin hot. 

The campaign was later released again featuring the brand’s esteemed brand Ambassador, Amir Karara astounded by the new flamin hot chips. Quoting “مفيش حلاوة من غير حبة نار” highlighting how adding a little spice always upgrades the taste. Another ad space for the campaign has Amir Karara offering the audience a chip, enticing them to give it a try. 

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