Comfort has claimed strategic spots on the OOH scene in Dubai to present a new product technology with a revamped pack design. Comfort is adding to its ultimate care formulation, the Pro-Fibre Technology, which is designed to “Protect Clothes Against Damage”, including bobbling, shape loss, and color fading.           

The ad makes use of the "before and after" advertising technique, calling the solution angle and the problem angle, manifested in the individual wearing a black T-shirt, showing the T-shirt before and after using Comfort.  The new Comfort Ultimate Care is ultra-concentrated, allowing for smaller bottles and saving water. On the other hand, since the world is seeking sustainability, the bottles are made from post-consumer recycled plastic, with the sole purpose to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint.  

Thus, the new Comfort Ultimate Formula does not only deliver a fragrance and softness, but also it protects the clothes from damage to maintain looking their best as long as they can.   

Comfort’s OOH campaign was shown for the first time in Dubai’s billboards in the first week of January in a limited location on Hoarding and Lampposts billboards.

The Art & Science of OOH

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