Cartier, the superior king of jeweler, luxury brand, for gorgeous and exceptionally looking designed pieces, has positioned itself all over Dubai’s billboards with its new outstanding OOH campaign. 

The commitment at Cartier to produce luxurious looking design plus the manufacture of gorgeous items has never wavered, and they have maintained their position as a leading worldwide luxury brand and one of the world's most costly jewelry houses and it is showing in their new campaign. 

Everything for Cartier starts with the design. These icons in the worlds of jewelry and watchmaking, such as Tank, Trinity, Juste un Clou, Santos, Love, Panthère, and Ballon Bleu, are anchored in four primary principles of creation shown in the ad copy which are: the purity of the line, which is Cartier's goal is to strip an object down to its most basic form: its structure, second is the  precise shapes which is taking into account the effects of symmetry, parallelism, and asymmetry, as well as providing perspective and depth, third is precision of proportion which is shown in volume and harmony that must flow from every design, a delicate balance exists between line and shape. While how you wear an object determines its precision, proportion elevates it to a new level, defining its elegance. Lastly, is Cartier’s precious and delicate details which is shown in  jeweler's intuition to seek for beauty wherever it may be found, and to dare to elevate what others attempt to conceal. Discover how these timeless designs have stood the test of time.

The limited OOH campaign was spotted in Dubai’s streets as digital screens in the first week of December.

The Art & Science of OOH

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