Egypt’s top ceramics and sanitary ware brand El Sallab Group, has turned up once again on Cairo’s billboards with a new OOH campaign for Mostafa El Sallab. Following their latest branding campaign, the brand decided to kick off 2022 with a new out-of-home campaign to announce their new year offers. A vibe of festivities and extravaganza spreads across Cairo with their carnival-themed campaign. 

“Start the new year with our offers” is the ad copy seen at the top of the ad. The brand announced  “an exciting draw on cars, trips, home appliances, and discounts on all products” through artistically pleasing visuals. The art direction is vintage and merry, taking on a carnival theme, using red and blue colors over a washed-out background. The ad is iconic and looks like a carnival banner, displaying pictures of the prizes along with the brand’s logo and hotline. 

The campaign is definitely selling, and is expected to gain a lot of approval because of the original and tasteful art direction. 

More information about El Sallab Group, Mostafa El Sallab, and this campaign’s OOH sizes, types, and locations, is available at MOOH, your local OOH intelligence data provider with international standards. 

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