KFC has induced foodies on Cairo's OOH scene to get a little messy and enjoy without restrictions with the debut of the drippy burger dubbed as the NEW MESSY BURGER, after stimulating appetites on the roads with the Chicken Fiesta Bucket in its most recent campaign.

 It’s worth mentioning that this campaign is considered a global campaign since it has been featured in Dubai’s billboards on the roads with the same visuals and message.

The gritty black background displays an appetizing visual representation of the NEW MESSY BURGER which drives many people into the nearest KFC to give it a try. The yummy sandwich stacks a crispy zinger chicken, packed between two buns and doused in the brand’s spicy signature sauce with a smattering of fresh lettuce and tomatoes drizzled with mayo to give the Umami taste.  

KFC also subtly hosts their hotline and their app "KFC Egypt", as a straightforward call-to-action to download the app and order the NEW MESSY BURGER Sandwich.     

To find out more about KFC's campaign, check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo & Dubai, which will provide you with details regarding campaign types, kinds, locations, budgets, media plans, and more.

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