elGrocer climbs on UAE’s major OOH advertising scene with a new branding campaign spreading awareness on the convenience mobile app for online grocery shopping. This is the brand’s first appearance on the billboards of Dubai and Sharjah and it has scored on UAE’s billboard scene with colorful, exciting, and grabbing visuals. 

Separate visuals use the ad copy; “elEggs? elGrocer” portraying an animated fried egg, “elWater? ElGrocer”, displaying an illustration of multiple water bottles. “El” in Arabic means “The” which elaborates on the use of “El” for the brand name as well as the advertising campaign ad copy. Another visual shows soap while highlighting the ad copy; “elSoap? elGrocer”. Other visuals also inform audiences that they can now download the app via App Store or Google Play. The campaign’s multiple visuals also use the ad copy “elMilk?”, “elTomatoes?” and “elShopping? elGrocer”. Another visual uses the main tagline “Shopping without elHassle” portraying a shopping cart filled with groceries along with the official website domain. Another major visual uses the full ad copy “elFruits? elMilk?, elBread? elGrocer” portraying illustrations of a wide variety of grocery products. 

The first time campaign was spotted on the roads of Dubai and Sharjah during the first week of January and was massively distributed as Uni-pole, Mega Com, and Lampposts. 

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