KFC is back on Dubai’s Billboards with the mouth-watering new Messy Burger, following their prior appearance in June 2021 where they introduced the Dipping Bucket. The reputable American fast food chain has blessed us once again with a new yummy burger showcased in their new campaign. The new Messy Burger encourages consumers to get messy and enjoy without restriction.

The ad space includes an appetizing visual representation of the new Messy Burger which tempts the audience into giving it a try, in addition to adding that the Messy Burger comes with three delicious sauces. The photo of the new burger along with the KFC logo and product name are placed in white font on a black background to make them pop and more pronounced. KFC also subtly placed the means to download their app for consumers to order the new Messy Burger from. 

The ad is fairly new having been dispersed on Dubai Roads in the first week of January in the form of Lampposts and Mega Coms.

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