The roads of Dubai witnessed a new teasing OOH campaign from the new Mobile Banking App Rabbit. Paving their way into the OOH scene, Rabbit has launched their first campaign across Dubai roads. 

The campaign is a teaser that aims at creating a buzz before launching the new product. Rabbit is a Mobile Banking App that aims at making banking easier, effortless and more fun! The brand’s targeted audience is the “Connected Generation” who are fast-paced, and digital-savvy. Through Rabbit, you could easily pay bills, transfer money, and do all your financial transactions with a click of a button. The campaign does not reveal details about the product, but it shows some distinctive characteristics of the brand like typography, colors, and style. The gradient-colored background uses shades very close to Instagram’s color palette, making the ad instantly familiar and likable. The brand’s logo is the only thing we see on the mysterious ad next to the call to action “Download the app now”. Different versions of the ad have different titles; including Rabbit Account, Rabbit, and Rabbit Fintech. A small piece of information is seen on the footer of the ad which reads “By Dubai Islamic Bank”. 

The campaign is exciting and creates a good level of curiosity, that’s why it’s expected to spread like wildfire among people. The campaign was launched during the first week of January across Dubai. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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