Smashing Dubai’s billboards with another campaign, Domino’s pizza launched an “Everyday Value” campaign enticing customers to order their pizza, everyday!

Dominos wants to greatly boost the value for money for their consumers. Customers who order two medium pizzas or more will benefit from this offer. While pizza is traditionally enjoyed on special occasions, there are now many more everyday pizza moments where customers may order Domino's without having to wait for a discount coupon or an offer day. They want customers to order their pizza whenever they wish. 

When customers buy two pizzas, Domino's Pizza UAE has launched a new 'Everyday Value' deal, where customers can receive medium pizzas for AED 29 when they buy two pizzas. This offer is accessible on a daily basis and does not require the use of a coupon.

The campaign is using hoarding billboards and mega com across various locations in Dubai.

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