The Rockstar by PepsiCo is blazing the OOH arena with an advertising campaign across Dubai's streets to compete along with the Red Bull and Monster in the energy drink industry. 

Rockstar Energy Drink was the star of the ad, as the energy drink has popped up Dubai's billboards on a prestigious black-themed background. The aforementioned energy drink is a non-carbonated drink, formulated with electrolytes for taste, 160mg caffeine, and a 100% daily dose of Vitamin B, available in 20 rejuvenating flavors, including Zero Carb, Sugar Free, Original, Recovery Lemonade, Punched Fruit Punch, Punched Guava, Recovery Orange, Recovery Tea Lemonade, Recovery Grape, Perfect Berry, X-durance, Roasted Mocha, Juiced Mango Orange Passion Fruit, Roasted Light Vanilla, Super Sours Bubbleberry, Roasted Latte, Super Sours Green Apple, Rockstar Energy Water Tropical Citrus, Rockstar Energy Water Orange Tangerine, and Rockstar Energy Water Blueberry Pomegranate Acai.   

Rockstar Energy drink is designed for those who lead active lifestyles to rock stars, as shown in the ad copy using a rhetorical question “Ready To Recharge?” and encouraging to “Bring It On” with the Rockstar Energy Drink. 

This new campaign was seen for the first time on UniPole billboards in the third week of December in a limited location in Dubai.

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