With over a decade of success, the Emirati furniture brand 2XL Home has landed several times on the billboards of Dubai. The latest campaign was announcing their “Biggest Sale Ever” through a simple but catchy, yellow-themed OOH campaign. During the fourth week of December, the brand re-launched this campaign but with a new look and feel. The new version of the campaign uses a monochromatic white background that works as a blank canvas to deliver the message clearly. The ad copy which reads “Sale on Everything. Up to 75% off”, are words that sell, especially when combined with the shining-star-white background. 

With a promise of excellence, the French-inspired brand delivers elegant furniture with modern and simple designs. The choice of simplicity is not only seen in their furniture but it was always seen in the brand’s previous campaigns. 

The campaign was launched during the last week of December across Dubai. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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