Tiktok, the astronomical rising application has made another scene on Dubai’s billboards gathering a lot of people’s 2021 memories, and encouraging them to hop on the trend and #2022MakeAWish

Yes, it's hard to believe many people are nostalgic for anything that happened the past year, but one of the wonderful things about Tiktok is that it reminds us that, despite all the terrible events, there were some beautiful moments peppered throughout the year and now this applications is for no exceptions is well suited for tiktok’s fans and reaching millions and millions of people!

In Tiktok’s ad copy, it prompts people to stop dwelling on the past and start with a positive experience that primes people to join in the fun and take action with a call-to-action providing a hashtag #2022MakeAWish for people to discover more about the campaign and have a look at joyful streams of 2021 entertaining moments both available to IOS and Android users. Visuals in the billboard stating “the clock is ticking” to evoke a sense of energy to people and have them excited about the new year, visuals not stressing only about people’s talents, but stating that the app is full of inspiration, glam, encouragement, culture, positivity and alot more! 

The OOH campaign surfaced Dubai’s road with digital screens during the first week of January

The Art & Science of OOH

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