Telecom Egypt resumes their propagation campaign on Cairo’s roads with yet another OOH campaign for WE promoting their latest Mobile Package “Nitro Prime”. 

Following their latest New-Year-themed campaigns which offered free gigabytes to their users in celebration of 2022, the leading Telecom Operator launched a new campaign advertising their new Nitro Prime bundles. The campaign stars the singer and Emirati artist, Almas Larry, to promote their “Largest Mobile Internet Bundles for The Best Prices” which is the key message and the ad copy that is seen on a flashy neon sign next to Almas, a combination that makes the ad a head-turner. The campaign uses their trademarked purple color as a background to the campaign’s promising tagline “لسة الباقة مكملة” which translates to “Continuous Bundles” as well as their brand’s slogan “Stay Ahead”. 

The campaign was launched during the first week of January in Cairo. 

To find out more about this campaign, check out MOOH, the dedicated media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo and Dubai. MOOH can provide you with details regarding the campaign types, locations, budgets, and more. 

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