Following Rivolisprior appearance on Dubai’s OOH scene, promoting their newest launch Rivoli Vision, they are now back with Omega Eyewear’s National Day surprise. The prestigious brand, originally inspired by their iconic timepiece designs, launched their exquisitely crafted eyewear collection to celebrate UAE’s year of the 50th, possessing the catchphrase “Wear Your Pride.” The newly released 50th anniversary editions are a tribute to UAE's culture and artistic achievements, embracing their city skylines by laser-engraving them on the lenses along with UAE’s flag on the temples. Omega inspires the audience to take pride in their country and honor it with their exceptional new eyewear.

The ad copy features Omega Eyewear’s new stylish glasses along with the phrase “Exquisitely crafted for National Pride”, highlighting the purpose of the campaign which is to celebrate UAE’s 5oth Anniversary. The latter along with the brand logo are both in Red showcased on top of a black background to further enhance the brand identity. Lastly, the UAE’s “Year of the Fiftieth” logo is placed strategically in white, together with the means to purchase the new editions, those being Omega Boutiques and Rivoli Vision Stores.  

The campaign is fairly new, having been distributed in the fourth week of December in the form of Uni-Poles on Dubai’s OOH scene.

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