Expo 2020 Dubai UAE climbs once again on the prime billboard scene of Dubai and Sharjah, with a new official campaign after Expo 2020 Dubai OOH collaborations; A European OOH Invitation for the “More than Food” Festival at Expo 2020 on the 11th of Jan, and the “Have You Seen David?” campaign on the 6th of Jan. With the near arrival of the season’s finale, Expo 2020 Dubai has been encouraging audiences who have missed out on the beginning of the Expo, to visit the site before March of 2022. 

With creative and catchy OOH visuals, Expo 2020 Dubai is back on billboards even stronger, using the main tagline “HAVE YOU MADE NEW FRIENDS?” and “FIND IT BEFORE 31 MARCH 2022”. The OOH campaign also uses the ad copy “JOIN THE MAKING OF A NEW WORLD” referring to the official website. The campaign uses a visual that portrays a young girl reaching out to what seems to be a giant robot. 

The campaign is a relatively new one that was spotted during the first week of January on the top OOH roads of UAE and was distributed as Hoarding, Uni-pole, and Mega Com billboards across Dubai and Sharjah. 

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