For the first time ever, UNHCR furnished Dubai’s roads with the outdoor ads of “Aiming Higher” campaign, in the support of City Walk.  

UNHCR is a global agency dedicated to saving lives, defending rights, and helping refugees, forcibly displaced populations, and stateless people establish a brighter, prosperous future. It’s basically a helping hand organization. 

“Aiming Higher” OOH campaign used visuals that show two females with a graduation cap hand-drawn on their heads to reflect and stress on the vision of a future in which all refugees are welcomed into the communities that welcome them. Where refugees can participate in education and work and become not just self-sufficient but also be important contributors to the local economy. Basically, it’s encouraging people to make an impact by contributing and giving a young refugee scholar the chance to continue his or her studies. Alternatively, anyone can contribute to the cost of books, transportation, and living expenses.

The campaign popped up on the billboards of Dubai within the second week of December 2021with digital screens.

The Art & Science of OOH

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