Misr El Kheir Foundation, a usual guest on the billboards of Cairo with its call-for-good deeds campaigns, has turned up once again with a Winter campaign starring the renowned comedian Ahmed Amin

Following their last Campaign "Eid Al-Adha campaign", Misr Al Kheir collaborates with Ahmed Amin in a new OOH that encourages passersby to donate money to save children and families from the cold of the Winter. Misr El Kheir is well-known for their philanthropy and acts of grace. The ad copy “تبرعك هيحمي أسر وأطفال كتير من برد الشتا'' translates to “Donate, because your contribution could save kids and families from the cold Winter”. The ads show different options where people can be the warmth in someone’s stone-cold life. Maybe your contribution could get some clothes during the chilly nights, or a hot meal, or quilting supplies. Star Ahmed Amin is featured on the ad holding a box labelled “كرتونة الخير” along with the campaign’s tagline “سكن ودفا” in big font. Payment options including Fawry, along with the Misr El Kheir app and bank accounts for donation are also seen on the footer of the ad. 

The campaign was launched during the first week of January across Cairo.

To know more about Misr El Kheir and this campaign’s budget, OOH sizes, and locations, visit MOOH, your local OOH intelligence data provider with international standards. 

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