After Al-Futtaim Automotive Motors’ last campaign, Toyota is back in Dubai’s OOH arena. The pioneer of reliability and quality in the car industry showcases their vast collection proudly. The models they show include the Toyota FJ Cruiser, the Toyota RAV4, Toyota Corolla Cross, the Toyota PRADO, and the Toyota Fortuner. 

The ad copy reads “Settle For More” and “Only AED 999/Month” for the Toyota Fortuner, “Only AED 1,525” for the Toyota PRADO, “Only AED 1,111/Month” for the Toyota FJ Cruiser, “Only AED 888/Month” for the Toyota Corolla Cross, “Only AED 777/Month” for the Toyota RAV4. The visuals feature the Toyota range parked in its garage, on a highway road, on top of a hill, and in a luxurious outdoors parking lot. The scenic billboards display a sunset, sunny days with fluffy clouds, and colourful skies.  

The campaign is a relatively new one that was introduced to Dubai in the third week of December in Mega Coms and Lampposts.

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