Siemens made their first appearance on Dubai’s OOH scene featuring their new striking campaign “Technology the Future.” The German multinational, technology-focused conglomerate released their latest campaign to encourage the audience to discover a new life, full of possibilities, facilitated by their top-notch new technology. To anyone who wants to refine their day-to-day life, home connect, the ever-growing network of partner services that create a fully connected home is the way to go. Siemens’ new innovative designs exceed today's limitations, presented in their efficient German technology that simplifies one’s life and revolutionizes the way you run your home. Home Connect is a means to manage your home appliances from wherever you are, this is thanks to brilliant, high-tech networks that operate on WIFI enabling consumers to operate their appliances through the Home Connect App.

The OOH campaign showcases an exact functioning replica of the Home Connect Application displayed on a mobile phone protruding from the billboard. The ad space also includes an elegant display of Siemens’ connected appliances featuring their sophisticated, highly functional devices. The latter is highlighted with the use of navy and dark blue shades that give the ad a more crisp and polished aesthetic. The main tagline used is “Design that transcends the ordinary. Technology that inspires the future”, which is exactly what Siemens aims to achieve through their new interconnected networks. The ad copy lastly includes the website URL “” as a means for consumers to easily access more information, together with the logo of the Home Connect App, with subtle mentions of Siemens’ socials.  

The creative campaign is fairly new, having been released in the third week of December as a limited advert distributed on Dubai Streets in the form of Hoarding Billboards.

The Art & Science of OOH

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