DiDi, a Chinese transportation technology platform, to promote its mobile app for the riders, after the first call for the drivers

The intelligent transportation in the Egyptian market, DiDi, will increase competition, especially among the market’s tycoons Uber & Careem, and after the recent entry of the Russian application, InDriver. The brand promotes its points of differentiation on the billboards highlighting the cheap price and safety. 

The brand shows up in a very straightforward ad copy and visual, they have chosen the minimal design style to give more focus on the ad message, it is clear they want to grab the attention of the millions of metropolitan city riders who are constantly looking for affordable transportation. Signs of segmentation were smartly designed in every ad message, such as the two male friends with the message asking “Is there a cheaper transportation from 6th of October City to the New Cairo”, and in another one, the two girls taking a selfie on car seats with the message “Is there any safe transport to hang out”... In both visuals and messages, the answer is “Yes, there is DiDi”

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