Dubai’s Media Council launches the new Dubai Destinations initiative highlighting UAE’s unique and exceptional experiences and activities. Dubai Destinations invites people to discover Dubai through a new and perfected lens, via its numerous experiences ranging across adventure, entertainment, food, art, culture, sports and fitness, and more. This is with the help of Dubai’s most accomplished and creative individuals, content creators, photographers  and videographers in order to create the most compelling content across traditional and new media reflecting destination experiences. 

One of Dubai Destination’s most impactful messages is “Dubai.. The Best City To Live In” which translates to “دبي.. أفضل مكان للعيش في العالم”. As much as this campaign focuses on Dubai’s tourism rates, it also establishes the notion of Dubai being one of the world’s safest and most open destinations worldwide, offering great opportunities to anyone and everyone either for stable living or great adventures. Other messages include “Biking in AlMarmoom?” and “Any Plans Today?”, which in consequence stimulates the audience’s psyche while inspiring them to try new things. Dubai Destinations’ calendar will be established in the near future by the Dubai Media Council, in collaboration with stakeholders in order to feature exciting enggagements for citizens, residents and visitors, all based on outdoor activities with the goal to help people better explore Dubai.

The campaign is showcased in diverse forms, highlighting Dubai’s Vibrant culture, sights, activities, shows, events and festivities, certifying their position of being the world’s most distinctive destination. The various ad spaces filling Dubai streets exhibit varied enjoyable activities including horseback riding, hot air balloons, windsurfing, camping and biking. All being accessible in Dubai’s hospitable culture. All ad forms include a clear hashtag or mentioning of #DubaiDestinations along with one of the mentioned activities. The graphics used in all billboards encourage and entice the audience to go out of their comfort zones and experience new and wild exploits. The campaign name and promoted messages are all in clear fonts, mostly presented on solid backgrounds to further clarify the indicated message. 

The Dubai Destinations campaign has been heavily dispersed in the third week of December 

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