Mitsubishi Motors has spiced up Dubai’s major OOH platform with a new and massive promotional and awareness campaign after the brand’s prior appearance on billboards last SeptemberAl Habtoor Motors is back on Dubai’s OOH scene with an even stronger vibe using the main tagline “WHY WAIT”, “BUY NOW DRIVE NOW”. 

Mitsubishi Motors also use the brand’s official slogan “Drive Your Ambition” while portraying the Mitsubishi “PAJERO” which can be bought with monthly installments starting “FROM AED 1,542 PER MONTH”. The campaign also portrays the “OUTLANDER” which is promoted costing “AED 1,274 PER MONTH” along with the Mitsubishi “ECLIPSE CROSS” costing “1,148 PER MONTH” according to the billboards. The ad copy also highlights that there’s an “ADDITIONAL 5% DISCOUNT ON TRADE-IN”. 

The campaign was spotted on Dubai’s and Sharjah’s major OOH roads during the third week of .December 

The Art & Science of OOH

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