Paragon Developments is a new real estate developer active in the Egyptian market and it has finally surprised Greater Cairo with a significant OOH appearance. The real estate developers have recently been creating numerous and distinctive developments in different areas in Egypt holding a strong reputation in delivery and quality. Paragdon’s latest project is expected to be in NAC, where the developers will provide more for investors than building offices. 

The OOH campaign’s main message is that Paragon Developments power their office buildings with a sustainable and smart technology design which empower the people who use them. The developers express this through the ad copy “WE ARE PARAGON DEV.” and “DEVELOPING BETTER WORKSPACE COMMUNITIES”. The campaign’s design is very simple and professional using large text that is bound to trigger consumer interest on the roads. 

If you have any additional questions regarding Paragon Development’s campaign, you can visit Monitoring out-of-home (MOOH), the dedicated OOH  media intelligence company and analysis system in Cairo and Dubai, to know the campaign’s budget, types, kinds, locations, and more. 

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