Following Emirates NBD’s last OOH appearance, featuring their “Surprise Among the Stars” Campaign, UAE’s leading bank is back with more riveting surprises for 3 lucky winners. Their current “Save and Win” campaign offers the exciting chance to drive away in a Mercedes-AMG G 63 UAE Golden Jubilee Edition along with a go at winning from 54 Breitling Aerospace Watches. 

The campaign encourages consumers to save with Emirates NBD while retaining a minimum of AED 100,000 in their current account in order to be eligible for entry. Consumers Would have to withhold their saved balance until the 31st of May 2022 and await the draw and winner announcement in June.

Aside from the “Save and Win'' opportunity, Emirates NBD is heavily endorsing their new “More” app through a creative concept ad space, featuring a die-cut visual of a phone with the More app open and functional, as well as offering 2,000+ personalized location-based offers to whomever downloads the app. The More App is promoted with the consumer’s best intentions, providing them with more experiences and offers through a click of a button. 

The “Save and Win” campaign also utilizes a creative concept design, featuring the Mercedes-AMG G 63 die-cut protruding from the bridge billboard frame. The visuals are simple and in sync with the brand’s color identity, furthermore, the ad copy provides the audiences with the means to download the app in addition to entering the draw. The latter being through sending an SMS with the word “SAVE” to 4456. 

This campaign is fairly new, having been released in the third week of December in the form of Bridge Billboards in Dubai City. 

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