WE, the renowned telecommunication company, is ablazing up the OOH arena with a brilliant OOH campaign full of joy and happiness in Greater Cairo, celebrating the New Year.

Looking back to its latest OOH campaign, we found that the ad is a reposted campaign with the same visuals and message trying to convey to the audience, even with WE's same traditional style of having its deep purple background that reflects its brand identity, adding some colorful illustrations, cheerful graphics, and juxtaposition of the colors that grab audiences' attention. In the new campaign, they tapped Assala and Ahmed Saad as brand ambassadors being featured on the TV ad commercial then directly landed the OOH scene. The campaign has a message to say, as the ad copy reads "Every Year WE", bringing a 20 gigabytes gift for WE users for the occasion of the New Year.      

To find out more on WE's campaign, checkout Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo & Dubai, which will provide you with details regarding campaign types, kinds, locations, budgets, media plans, and more.

The Art & Science of OOH

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