Pizza Hut entices us yet again with another mouthwatering billboard spread out all over the streets of Dubai, featuring their One-Meter Super Limo Pizza for a one-of-a-kind price. Following their most recent OOH campaign where they promoted The Big Box, Pizza Hut holds their offer streak with the 99 AED Super Limo pizza.

The ad mainly utilizes the colour red due to it being eye-catching by nature and known to encourage appetite. A tempting visual of the meter-long Limo Pizza is put on view accompanied by the Pizza Hut logo together with the name and price of the promotion all in white, fitting to the brand’s colour identity. Lastly, Pepsi’s logo is subtly placed in the billboard on account of them being Pizza Hut’s perpetual beverage sponsor. 

The Super Limo campaign turned up on Dubai’s billboards in the second week of December in the form of digital screens, hoardings and lampposts.

The Art & Science of OOH

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