Action, suspense, comedy, and love, Amir Karara used to master in his unique mix of drama that gathered us among our friends and families to enjoy his outstanding performance in every show he starred in the latest decade. Now, we’re marking two faces of the star showing at the same time in two outdoor advertising campaigns, yet, both are successfully convincing to all the target audience segments. A secret agent performing a mission 

On the out-of-home advertising scene, we have seen a slew of public figures, businessmen, media figures, celebrities, actors, actresses, and football players give the brand a human touch to reflect the brand’s image and identity, also they consolidate the relationship between the company’s offers and their customers.

This marketing tactic is mainstream in Egypt and witnesses discernible growth, as even the real estate industry has joined other industries in using the celebrity concept in their OOH campaigns. The brands started to feature celebrities in their campaigns not only during the peak seasons like Ramadan and summer seasons but also all over the year.

It's nothing new to witness an artist leading more than a campaign at the same time, as it happened before with Henedy when he created a buzz on Cairo's billboards through three blazing campaigns of different brands, such as Tornado the home appliances brand by Al-Araby GroupMolto of Edita to continue the legacy of the Maged Al-KedwanyRuby, and Ahmed Malek with the "Very Drippy" or "باظظ خالص" campaign, and last but not least Vodafone's hilarious campaign.

It doesn't stop there, as the megastar Amr Diab also had two campaigns of different brands running at the same time during the summer season, which are Pepsi's "summer means Al Hadaba" campaign and Vodafone's "living the summer joy" campaign, where Amr Diab has become synonymous to the summer season.

For this quarter, Amir Karara delivers two campaigns running at the same time for two major brands like Etisalat and Chipsy, so don't get surprised when you behold Amir Karara dominating the scene with two campaigns on Cairo's roadways.

Amir Karara's On-screen Persona Embodies Etisalat's Corporate Identity!

Amir Karara has been a brand ambassador for Etisalat for a long time to confirm the company's commitment and presence in the Egyptian telecom market, so let's have a look at his past cooperation with Etisalat in the OOH advertising campaigns. In 2019, the megastar debuted on Etisalat's OOH campaign with a serious look and a neon football-shaped halo behind him, with an ad copy that says "The Sponsors of the Monsters" or “راعي الوحوش”, as it was coinciding with the AFCON

During the pandemic and the lockdown due to Covid-19 in 2020, Etisalat has swamped Cairo's OOH scene with a Coronavirus awareness campaign, using a humorous appeal to assist people to #StayHome, which was a smart approach to announce their offer to the audience in a light yet effective way since the Egyptian people have a sense of humor and use sarcasm in most critical situations and hard times. In the same campaign, the visuals depict Amir Karara - in a hilarious image- a large-head-small-body, which makes the advertising much more amusing, funny, and appealing to the audience.

Since humor appeal is considered one of the effective marketing tactics used by marketers nowadays to persuade consumers to buy a product and pay for a service, the esteemed telecommunication brand employed this advertising strategy for the second time in Ramadan’s multi-channel campaign. In other words, Etisalat surprised us this year with the very first collaboration between Amir Karara and Nancy Ajram in a hilarious OOH campaign that has been spotted across Cairo’s roads demonstrating the huge efforts that were put to release such a creative campaign to be one of the strongest campaigns in Ramadan 2021. 

Etisalat continues to feature Amir Karara this time on a new OOH campaign, shooting spectacular mysterious action sequences on a motorcycle to create a mood of tremendous energy and action, reflecting “Aquwa Kart's” alluring offers.   

The secret behind using Amir Karara in Etisalat's OOH campaigns lies in Karara's on-screen personas, where Karara's is always portraying a superhero fighting injustice and antagonists, showing how strong he is, and this is mainly what Karara and Etisalat have in common; strength. 

This is prominently manifested in the two latest campaigns of Etisalat with Karara. For instance, Etisalat's Ramadan campaign 2021’s sole purpose was to show its customers its superiority of network, as it is establishing itself as the strongest network operator in Egypt. This is demonstrated in Nancy Ajram's portrayal of the customers' needs, whereas the superhero characters that were embodied by Karara represent Etisalat as the strongest network that fulfills customers' needs and meets their expectations.

In the same vein, in the “Aquwa Kart” campaign, the advert is describing how strong the network is through using action scenes, implemented by Karara to show strength. Thus, strength is what Etisalat and Karara have in common, which is also shown in Etisalat's renowned slogan "Stronger Than Ever".

Amir Karara's Inspiring Quality Times With Chipsy’s Snacks!

Chipsy seems to choose the fun part of Karara’s character to be the brand ambassador, thanks to his charisma, vibrant smile, charming personality and look, and brilliant acting performance that he is always characterized by.

After the brand’s March successful campaign with Karara “مع بعض تكمل” or “together is Perfect” that inspired the audience the joy of fellowship with snacks, the brand seems to aim to repeat the same pattern in a seasonal context in December, Amir Karara shows up on Cairo’s billboards with a new heart-warming OOH campaign, alongside Etisalat’s campaign.

Following the exciting TV commercial ad, featuring Amir Karara, Chipsy campaign's "Happiness is integrated with Chipsy" or "الفرحة تحلي مع شيبسي" has directly lighted Egypt’s OOH scene, highlighting the all-time virtue of companionship and the delightful moments shared with friends and beloved ones snacking Chipsy, as a direct indicator to the family and friend quality times during the holidays’ season, worth mentioning, that this concept of the Christmas holidays season in December wasn’t that popular just years ago, lately, the community started to dominate the delightful atmosphere of the season, and the commercial brands contributed strongly to boost the positive vibes during the season, however, it activates the shopping desire within the community. Chipsy is taking advantage of this perfectly well as it centered its snack product in the scene of the joyful gathering to act as bringing people together with an emotional connection.

Looking back to March 2021, the campaign carried the same valuable message trying to convey it to the target audience, but with another motto that says "Together it's perfect" or "مع بعض تكمل" and almost the same look and feel for the ambassador but in a different atmosphere, however, the campaign came directly before the summer season, and it was relevantly logic to use the open outdoor landscapes, and it was as much inspiring as December’s campaign, and the main asset makes these campaigns among the hits is one common element, the outstanding performance and remarkable appearance of the star.

Amir Karara, the Perfect Material of Ambassadorship

It's not enough for companies and brands to show themselves in the best possible way, but they also need genuine and credible advocates or ambassadorships for their brands to assist them in connecting and resonating with their target consumers.

Karara convinces the audience of the message he is delivering, through his persuasive impressions and relative gestures, he knows how to mix the right ingredients for every role to deliver genuine performance, whether he is a secret agent or the buddy next door, the majority sees him the role-model to follow and enjoy his inspirational style, attached with commercial branded products or services likely trusted.

The Art & Science of OOH

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