SAMSUNG has climbed on Dubai’s prime OOH platform introducing and raising maximum familiarity on the mobile devices brand’s latest brilliant invention of smartphones; Samsung Z Fold3 and Samsung Flip3 with modern 5G technology. Samsung’s prior appearance on Dubai’s billboards was back in September when the brand presented the best clamshell foldable phones for the first time. 

Similar to the prior campaign’s visuals, Samsung is shimmering on billboards to bring the UAE’s audience its phenomenal new experience with the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Fold3, the foldable phones now in Dubai. The two stunning foldable smartphones are being flaunted on a blue-tinted backdrop, while young women using the phones for photography. The all-new Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 5G bring many improvements, boasting a new high-refresh-rate display on the inside, as well as a larger cover display and more sturdy reconstruction. 

The campaign was spotted on Dubai’s main roads during the second week of December and was widely distributed as uni-pole and hoarding billboards. 

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