In a 60 seconds motivational video, the renowned beverage brand, Pepsi has summarized what the brand and Mo Salah share in common, striving for success. Therefore, the Egyptian star and Liverpool Champion, Mohamed Salah was a smart choice to reflect on the brand's image and to be the brand ambassador of Pepsi. 

Pepsi's stunning ad, which features Mohamed Salah, has surged up Cairo's OOH scene. The visuals, on the other hand, feature Pepsi cans against a vivid blue backdrop that represents the brand's identity. The campaign has a message to the audience, encouraging them to keep thirsty for success, winning, and being motivated, as everyone should believe that opportunities are endless. In addition, the campaign highlights some of Mohamed Salah’s exquisite achievements, including the best African player of his generation with the top scoring in the Premier League.    

From Traditional Billboards to Creative Billboards, Pepsi & Salah Fire Up the Scene with "Thirst For Success " Campaign

Pepsi has been seen making minor alterations to the out-of-home scene of its inspirational campaign with Mohamed Salah, which included mockups and die-cuts, surprising everyone. In other words, Mohamed Salah was manifested in a holographic format employing mockups, with parts of Mohamed Salah's distinctive "MO" protruding from the ad frame, making it a creative concept thanks to the use of die-cuts. The extraordinary billboards are almost with the same visuals and message as the traditional one, but the mockups and die-cuts added to the catchiness of this campaign.

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