InstaShop Tingles Their Customers’ Spidey Senses with the Chance to Win Tickets for the New Spiderman Movie on Dubai’s Billboards

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The most convenient method to purchase groceries, InstaShop, has hit Dubai's hot OOH spots again after their previous awareness campaign, with a campaign spotlighting the new Marvel movie. InstaShop has them delivered to your house in 30 to 60 minutes, depending on where one lives.  They provide a quick and flawless food shopping experience that relieves people of the inevitable task of going to the store and dealing with all of the problems that may arise. This gives people more free time. 

The brand draws attention with their red, engaging visuals. The brand made clever use of the hit movie’s, “Spiderman: No Way Home”, incredible buzz and how it’s currently a viral sensation. Spiderman is featured on the billboards, swinging down tall buildings in New York (the setting of the movie) with her spider web. The title character is upside down, attracting all eyes on the visuals. By ordering anything on the InstaShop app and typing “SPIDERMAN” in the order comments, people enter the draw to win movie tickets. The movie hit theatres on December 16th and the winners were announced on those dates, too.

The limited campaign landed on digital screens on Dubai's streets during the second week of December. 

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