The brand's celebrations are still going on the OOH platform in Dubai on the occasion of the UAE Golden Jubilee, as the leading provider of worldwide smart end-to-end supply chain logistics, DP World has joined the celebrations of the UAE 50th National Day by releasing a new campaign, after its recent OOH campaign

After an inspirational video released by DP World, which spotlighted UAE's proud story of trade innovation, DP World has popped up once again stronger as usual on the OOH arena to celebrate UAE's year of the fiftieth in its special way. 

The visuals capture shots from a short film and hoist the national flag of the United Arab Emirates on an appealing backdrop, adding the phrase "Ready For The Next 50 Years of Trade" for transforming the city into a center of global trade. 

On the other hand, on Hoarding billboards, the brand conveys another message, as the ad includes visuals that depict coral reefs on both sides of the backdrop, with the brand's emblem, shown at the center of the background. The ad copy describes the company's main services, which are "Connecting Business, Logistics, and People".    

This campaign has shown up on Hoarding billboards and Digital Screens in Dubai in the first week of December in a limited location.

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