After Dubai demonstrates its huge success in hosting the world greatest show; Expo 2020 Dubai, there are five countries that have applied competing candidatures to organize Expo 2030, including Russia in Moscow, Ukraine in Odesa, the Republic of Korea in Busan, Italy in Rome, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh

As a result, an OOH advertising campaign has been released across Dubai's roads to announce that Russia has applied for hosting Expo 2030 in Moscow, unveiling its major theme which is "Human Progress. A Shared Vision of a Harmonious World". In other words, they want to tell the world about the creation of an integrated human, environmental, and technological space, and they want to share a vision of the future in which the ideas of progress and harmonious development of all spheres of human activity are intrinsically tied, taking global environmental challenges into account. In addition, the advancement of technology, science, and culture should be accompanied by an awareness of one's responsibility for the planet's future.

Since the voting results and decisions are based on the attractiveness of the country and the bilateral relations of their countries with the candidate countries, the visuals feature some historical and cultural treasury of Moscow. For example, the ad copy invites onlookers on the roads to explore the best and highest rated restaurants in Moscow in your visit, adding "مطاعم تصنيف ميشلين أقرب مما تتصور أكتشف موسكو", as MICHELIN guide is directing customers to the highly regarded and famous restaurants among the local food lovers.     

The visuals on the other hand display greenery landscapes, where you will find “English Parks” that are closer than you think. The message encourages people to “Open their heart to Moscow”, hosting some floral drawings on appealing backgrounds. 

This campaign was a new one, appearing for the first time on Digital screens in the first week of December.

The Art & Science of OOH

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