In likely fashion, Spotify radiates joy and good vibes throughout Cairo in their new outdoors ads. They did the same in the summer when they released an OOH campaign talking about the most played songs worldwide. Spotify has millions of tunes and episodes to choose from. So whether one is driving, working out, partying, or resting, they’ll always have the ideal music or podcast at their fingertips. There are collections of friends, artists, and celebrities, or building their own radio stations to browse and choose from. 

Every year, Spotify creates a “Spotify Wrapped” playlist and statistics for every single user and listener on the platform to show them a summary of what they listened to most throughout the year and more. In their multi-colored, vivid and engaging billboards, they listed Marwan Pablo’s “Ghabah” as the number one most listened to song in Egypt and “Rap Egypt” as having more than 1.3 million listeners in 2021. More information includes the song “Ma3lesh Ana Toht” being streamed more than 403 thousand times this year. Not only that, but the brand used humor as well to playfully tease their users and play on song’s titles and lyrics, such as Ruby’s “Alby Plastic”, CKay’s “love nwantiti” and Masked Wolf’s “Astronut in the Ocean”. More artistics blazing the visuals are Wegz and Disco Misr, Hassan Shakoush and Yasmine Raies, Nancy Ajram, Afroto, Olivia Rodrigo, Shahyn and Hussain Al Jassmi. 

The shades of the rainbow were utilized in the billboards: from red, to purple, to green; not a single hue felt left out in these adverts! With cool and youthful abstract designs and art, the visuals really stand out and call out people’s attention with the use of household name celebrities; both national and international, the play on the words and comedic effect. 

To find out more about Spotify's campaign check out Monitoring Out-of-home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence company and analysis system in Cairo and Dubai, to learn more about the campaign's budget, types, kinds, locations and more.

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Industry: Mobile Apps

Brand: Spotify

Advertiser: Spotify Technology SA

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Spotify | Music

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