Ford makes a fierce and bold appearance on Dubai’s major OOH platform with a new launching and awareness campaign for the Ford RAPTOR F-150 and the phenomenal Ford Bronco. The OOH campaign portrays an electrifying new generation of Ford, inviting car enthusiasts to join the revolution of iconic, all-electric vehicles with the passion expected from the visionaries and engineers at Ford. Ford is creating an electrifying union of clean, cutting-edge technology, and exciting modern designs. 

One of the campaign’s main visuals demonstrates “THE ULTIMATE BEAST” or the “ALL-NEW F-150 RAPTOR” which is a truck described as; tougher than before, smarter than ever. The OOH campaign displays the Raptor in bright, speedy red, showing that it is purpose-built from the ground up and that it has been redesigned to be the most productive F-150 ever. The car’s finely tuned intelligence made it the 2021 North American Truck of the Year, being a high-strength, military-grade truck. 

Another key visual of the massive campaign portrays the “BUILT UNTAMED” Ford car which is known as the “BRONCO” SUV. The Bronco family is vast at Ford and it has spanned generations and the tree keeps getting bigger. At its core, the Ford Bronco is a wild spirit raring to take its drivers outdoors, off-road, and to places never been. The campaign displays the Ford Bronco in bright yellow which is bound to grab the maximum attention of the UAE’s OOH audience. 

The relatively new OOH campaign was spotted on Dubai’s prime roads during the first week of December and was widely distributed as Hoarding billboards. 

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