Huawei scores on Dubai's prime OOH platform with a new awareness and branding campaign for its latest search engine service and application; Petal Search. Huawei's prior appearance on Egypt's billboards was back in April 2020, when the consumer electronics brand was releasing an awareness and launching campaign for the Nova 7i. Huawei is currently back on billboards, stronger than ever, using the main tagline "Find it on Petal Search". 

Petal Search offers its clients the world in the palm of their hands providing a gateway to a million apps because consumers can now find their favourite quick apps and web links with ease. Petal Search has made searching more personal, making it an experience like never before with the easy access of information from local services. The application derives comprehensive results that are specialized and versatile. The OOH visual portrays Petal Search's search engine which has the ad copy "Nearby services". The ad visual also demonstrates some of the expected results of that particular search; "Restaurants, Deals, Home Services, And More". The campaign also highlights the fact that audiences can now "Explore it on App Gallery" portraying a young man holding his phone while abstract splashes surround him while another visual portrays a female in the same context. The OOH campaign also has a separate visual which uses the ad copy "Shopping, nearby, travel, news, and more" showing a big hand holding a smartphone opened to the app. 

The campaign is a relatively new one and this is Petal Search's first ever appearance on Dubai's OOH scene. The campaign was spotted during the first week of December and was widely distributed as hoarding billboards. 

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