Porsche, the German-born automotive company, brings forth the New Macan in an OOH campaign across Dubai, after showing off their New Taycan Cross Turismo last month on billboards. The Macan is and will continue to be the sports car of small SUVs in its newest iteration. The sloping roof line instantly identifies the Porsche DNA: the "flyline" gives the Macan its distinctive sports car features.

Red, fierce and adventurous; Porsche’s new car is a sight to behold. The car fits perfectly with the brand’s line of vehicles and exhibits their bold nature. The car is whizzing past an empty road by a cliff, with the setting adding to the zest of the campaign. The ad copy reads, “The new Macan. Dare forward”, with their immaculate logo situated on the side of the visuals with white background. 

This new, limited campaign was released during the second week of November and was featured on hoarding billboards in Dubai. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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