Wonder who's going to win?! That's it! That's all that's being said in a triggering and mysterious new OOH campaign that has scored on Greater Cairo's outdoor advertising platform, raising questions, and perplexing audiences. 

A blue theme with a bright yellow line striking across the top right of the visuals, portraying; money in dollars, data collection, a hand holding a smartphone emitting icons and functions,  canned food, oil, pasta, and beans. The visuals also show a car wash and a hand holding 200 EGP notes. What could this mean? Who will win and what are the prizes? Or perhaps it's something completely unrelated to the visuals. 

The connotation that something has been concluded alludes to the idea that something has already taken place and someone will be a lucky winner of amazing prizes. Looking back at previous teaser campaigns, one of the most recent ones belonged to Misr El Kheir Foundation using the teaser tagline "The story still goes on", achieving that campaign's main goal of arousing and puzzling onlookers. 

However, with this current campaign, we are left with more questions than with any other teaser campaign, so, it is safe to say that we all can't wait to find out about who will be the winner and which OOH brand executed this campaign and what does it all mean?!

Want to learn more about this mysterious campaign? Head over to Monitoring Out-Of-Home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo and Dubai, to uncover more on campaign details such as; media plans, budgets, types, kinds, locations and more.

The Art & Science of OOH

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