Anew teaser OOH campaign across the city announces the comeback of great Egyptian economist and founder of Banque Misr Talaat Harb.
The ads show a black and white photo of Talaat Harb Pasha over a brown background encased by an ochre frame. The ad copy, in white and ochre, simply reads “Talaat Harb is coming back”.
Large and X-Large uni-poles placed across the city serve the enigmatic campaign. Could this be a promotion from Banque Misr for a new service or product? Or perhaps some institution is trying to revive the great figures of Egyptian history? A mystery has been served! Stay tuned to discover what this OOH campaign is about – we will update our readers as soon as more details are revealed.

Talaat Harb is coming back!-00
Talaat Harb is coming back!-00

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