The one-stop shop that is offering beautiful, smart, and versatile furniture, accessory solutions, and interiors for everyday living, FURNITURE 360 has landed on Dubai’s OOH arena to launch the Home Furnishing Exhibition that will take place from December 13 to 18 at Expo Centre Sharjah. 

The visuals feature a couple sitting on a piece of furniture with a smile on their faces, referring to their satisfaction with the quality of furnishing that the show presents. The visuals put together furnishing icons to demonstrate that this exhibition is the finest furnishing platform that showcases the latest collections and designs, including kitchens, living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, commercial foyers, office, outdoor living, hotel lounges, and much more. 

The ad copy asks the rhetorical question “Looking for a home makeover?” to ensure that the anticipated furnishing event exhibits an array of customized and ready-made furniture under one roof for adding a new touch to your home, hosting its official website at the bottom space of the appealing background as well as revealing the organizer at the bottom space. 

This campaign was a new one, appearing in the third week of November on Hoarding and UniPoles Billboards in Sharjah.

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