FRED shimmers on the UAE's prime billboard scene with a new global awareness and branding campaign that uses the main tagline "Live the Joy". The campaign cherishes life's little pleasures with its new advertising campaign, FRED celebrates joy, life, love, friendship and all the moments that bring spice and beauty to the act of living. The DOOH campaign reflects a story of emotions and impressions. FRED's prior appearance on UAE's billboards was last October when the luxury brand declared an inauguration of a branch at Dubai Mall.

FRED distils snapshots of a woman gracefully reading or writing by the water's edge, sharing a picnic or a giggle on the beach, enjoying a natural, authentic, and romantic atmosphere. The Live the Joy campaign by FRED showcases rings, bracelets, and necklaces from Fred's Chance Infinie collection. The collection symbolizes the path that Fred Samuel followed all his life and it is one that shaped the creation of the jewelry and high jewelry in the Chance Infinie Collection. The collection celebrates the softness and strength of femininity. The campaign reflects vibes of infinity and eternity while the infinite chance motif appears eternal. 

The campaign is a relatively new one that was spotted on Dubai's main DOOH roads during the second week of November and was distributed in limited advertising spots. 

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